Saving the Environment One Shirt at a Time

By Dana Gabrielle B. Tautho
Saving the Environment One Shirt at a Time

Did you know, TREES absorb CO2? Trees store the carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. In one year, 27 mature trees absorb 4,000 kgs of CO2 average produced per capita.*

It is that simple, but are we doing our share? This is the reason why Ridge to Reef Inc launches a Carbon Offsetting Initiative in the upland area in Davao City in collaboration with the Matigsalug Tribe in Marilog District thru the Matigsalug Association of Council of Elders in Marilog District Davao City, Inc. (MACOEMADACI). The grown trees also meant to conserve the deforested areas like the area of Mundo Hill — an important landmark of the tribe.

Yes, each of us contributes to carbon dioxide emission every time we ride tricycles, jeepneys, buses, and cars. Every time we use electricity to power our TVs, aircon, refrigerators, stoves, etc., even mobile phones. And every time we burn fuels to cook, we emit carbon dioxide. On average, this translates to 4000kgs of CO2 emission per year per capita. And the only most practical and viable way to offset these emissions is by growing at least 27 matures trees per capita in our lifetime.

That is why, let us plant together this November 14, 2020, through availing a shirt from us. We will plant and nurture your trees at our planting site at Mundo Hill, Marilog, in collaboration with Matigsalug Council of Elders Marilog District Davao City, Inc. (MACOEMADDACI)